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Solitaire Card Games

The klondike solitaire games are known as very old, perhaps, one of the first ones. This card game is so popular that it needs no special introduction. Everyone knows them and chose them to enjoy in their free time. However, even the wise Wikipedia cannot say the date of its origin. At best, it will tell when Microsoft introduced it in the list of common computer games. And its task was educational, not entertaining: users should better learn to work with a mouse that way.

Throughout its existence, solitaire has overgrown with legends and got fan clubs. There are even online world solitaire championships. Having brushed up on your skills in free options and realized tricks of the game, you will be bale to take part in championships and win big.


Cards with medieval knights-knaves, wizard kings and beautiful ladies are collected in different size columns and lined on the playing field area in an angular form. In the leftmost stack, there is a single card, in the second stack, there are two of them, and so on. You can see only the top card. You will see the next only after you find the right place for the top one.

The main purpose of the classic online solitaire is to clear the board by transferring all the cards from the columns to the foundations downward from Ace to King and according to their suits. In general, it’s a great interesting flash card game!

How to play solitaire

play solitaire

On free online solitaire board, the high card is King and the low one is Ace. In the foundations, the first card is Ace and the last is King. To play online games, cards, solitaire, in particular, are moved by clicking the left and right buttons of the mouse.

  1. Click on Aces with the right button and the computer transfers them to the foundations. Then, you continue to collect a stack in the foundations from Two to King.
  2. See if you have a chance to move something between columns and move the card or group of cards by holding the left mouse button. You should collect the cards in columns in descending order (from King to Two), alternating a red suit with a black one.
  3. If you have a blank space, then you may shift the column only if there is King in it.
  4. After having finished all possible moves, go to the deck by clicking it with the left mouse button. You can shift a suitable card from the set to the stack or foundation and continue to collect stacks. You are allowed to flip the deck an unlimited number of times.

You'll play solitaire until all the cards are moved to their foundations or until no longer possible moves are left.

There are several variations of the game: when the cards from the set are opened by one or by three at once. In the second case, you use only the last of the three open cards, and the next one is available when the upper is removed. In addition, you can choose different levels when playing card games — solitaire offers easy, normal and difficult options. To start a new game, update the page by clicking F5 on your keyboard. To start a new game, update the page by clicking F5 on your keyboard.

Remember that simple rules do not guarantee a successful outcome of the game. However, if using the methods tested with the player's experience, the percentage of successful layouts can be increased.uccessful layouts can be increased.

About Solitaire

Hi, How are you?. My nick is South and I created this free version of Solitaire. If you have any questions, comments or requests please send them to .

This is beta version 0.27 next release 1-10 Apr 2019.